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Sunday, 17 July 2016

When your Marriage needs Deliverance


Topic: When your Marriage needs Deliverance

Text: Mathew 19:1–6

Marriage is first institution from God.
Family is the foundation of the Church.
Family is the foundation of the saints.
The root and foundation of family is civilization.
Marriage compliments you because it is ordained for peace.
Good marriage and happy home is your choice, it is not by chance.
Next thing after hell fire is a bad marriage;
It is very unfortunate that many go into marriage for wrong reasons.

Many enter marriage for :

- Lust
- Shape of the woman
- For sex
- For age
- For pleasure
- For escape route (tired of their homes)
- Because of beauty or handsomeness
- For sexual appetite
- Because of accidental pregnancy
- Because of pressure from parents.
All these results into bad foundation of marriage.
Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.
It is a favour that you have foundeth a good wife from God.

Types of marriages that needs deliverance:

- Marriages taking over by in-laws.
- Marriages by actors and actresses
- Marriages that 3rd party has caged
- Shallow marriages.
- The marriage the husband is abusive.
- The marriage with stubborn and disobedient wife.
- Troubled marriages.
- Marriage where they beat and bite each other.
- Marriage by accidental pregnancy.
- Marriage that the husband/wife is sleeping with the in-laws.
- Neglected Marriages- where husband and wife are living as bachelors and spinsters.
  • It takes favor to find your husband or wife.

Prayer Points

- Everything you have pursuing, by the decree of heaven suddenly, they shall run after you in the name of Jesus.
- Beginning from this week you shall pursue your pursuer in the name of Jesus.
- Every power that is attacking my marriage, die in the name of Jesus.
- My father in the name of Jesus, defend your interest in my life, marriage and home in the name of Jesus.
- Powers assigned to cage my marriage, die in the name of Jesus.
- Evil powers of my father’s house attacking the glory of my marriage, you are a liar, die in the name of Jesus.
- Idol powers of my father’s house that has married me by force, I disagree with you, die in the name of Jesus.
- Serpent from the waters attacking my glory, you are a liar die in the name of Jesus.
-Every satanic covenant between me and bad marriage, today is your end. Break! Die!
-Every power pushing you into wrong marriage will die by fire in the name of Jesus.
- Every bad marriage that the enemy has planned for you shall scatter by fire in Jesus name.
- Any power assigned from the marine water assigned to destroy your marriage shall die by fire.
- Your marriage will not lead you to hell fire in the name of Jesus.
- You the heaven of my marriage, hear the word of the Lord, open by fire.
So shall it be in Jesus name.
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