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Sunday, 31 July 2016


Genesis 1: 26–31; Genesis 2; 16–18.
Everything God created from the beginning was good including marriage.
No matter how spiritually great you are, mentally alert, financially buoyant; you need a WOMAN.
The devil sees marriage as something that is very bad, because after his fall, he thought God would give all the powers he had to another angel, but alas! God gave it to MAN. This then made him to hate marriage with perfect hatred so that man will not enjoy it.
He also brought down wicked angels to lay with women; this is the origin of wickedness, serious pollution. II Cor 11: 1–3
The devil is a spirit and he goes about polluting our minds.


  1. Marriage is the coming together of two different people i.e. male and female.
  2. It is Gods ordinance and gift to man.
  3. It’s a kind of house that requires continuous building: the more you live together, the more you understand yourselves.
  4. It’s a ministry inside a ministry.
  5. It’s the coming together of two imperfect people who agree to make themselves perfect.
The devil attacks individuals, homes and society.
What God likes the devil hates, and what God hates the devil likes: God likes marriage, devil hates marriage.

Attack against marriage is divided into two:

(1) Internal
(2) External
It is until you conquer your internal enemy, you will find it very hard to enjoy your marriage. This internal enemy will make a man who has a beautiful wife at home to run after prostitutes outside.
Most problems encountered in marriage goes beyond the physical.
Internal enemies in marriage include character disorder, masturbation etc, while external attacks carried out by external forces include madness, family forces, friends forces etc.

The enemy can afflict your marriage with:

(a) Sickness
(b) Sorrow
(c) Horrible dreams
(d) Poverty
(e) Untimely death
(f) Family breakdown
(g) Constant failure
(h) Unnatural movement in the body
(i) Demotion
(j) Curses
(k) Chronic mental sickness
(l) Barrenness
(m) Terrible sexual attack & sickness
The devil has besieged, harassed, damaged many marriages and at the end destroy such marriage.


1. You must give your life to Christ: become the friend of God because the devil is the one fighting you. Is 49: 24–26
2. Search for that internal enemy: your own might be a serpent, a dog, a crocodile, a giant etc. whatever they worship in your father’s house is powerful enough to attack you. Whatever you see in the spirit realm lives in their victims body.
3. You need to fight and aggressively face the devil.
4. You need to get the Holyghost baptism.
5. You need holiness within and without.
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